About Us

Welcome to IEMURA Co., LTD.

   We provide high-quality stainless-steel doors, handrails, and metal façade, etc., made by professionals of metal processing. We can fulfill your request by our creativity, technology, and ability of proposal.


    Our company was established in1994, at Natori City in Miyagi near Sendai Airport. Since we established, we have been focused on processing stainless steel and produce custom-made products as our main business. Until now, we have been delivering products to buildings and architectures in 6 prefectures in Tohoku and the metropolitan area.


    Other than manufacture of metal products, we have been working on bringing up local competent personnel. We accept student’s internships and educational visit to our factory, and we also participate career seminars held by educational institute as tutors or instructors.


     Greatly gratitude for supporting our company always.


     We have been focusing on stainless-steel processing which in mainly used as stainless doors or sashes, handrails in buildings. Before the company established, our activities in the same industry have been lasting for a long time, so there are lots of customers who have been

supporting us since Showa. It is sincerely our pleasure to be recognized as a company closely related to Tohoku (our local area), Recently, not only in the field of building construction, there are also orders for metal products in infrastructure facilities.


    Our company has three characteristics.

First: “Creativity.” We are professional for full-size custom-made products, and also manufacture single items.

Second: “Technology.” Our technological ability in this industry has been rated highly through plenty of experiences.

Third: “Ability of Proposal.” Our experienced staffs can give out qualified proposals according to customer’s requirement.


     We link our five departments together by these three shared characteristics, and we provide values on both software and

hardware perspective.

We sincerely ask for your continuously support.

Company Informations



20th July, 1994, in Natori City, Miyagi.


30 million yen


Manufacture of fabricated metal products


宮城県知事許可 13767  建具工事業・鋼構造物工事業

公共建築協会 評価認定 ステ ンレス製建具 800504

Correspondent Financial Institute

77 Bank, Development Bank of Japan


Japan Sash Manufactures Association

Miyagi Organization for Industry Promotion

Miyagi Small and Medium‐sized Enterprises Doyukai

Sendai Minami Houjinkai

Natori City Shokokai

CSR Activities

Sendai Minami Houjinkai: Supprot local elementary schools to held courses about tax knowledge.

NPO Heartbest: Support high schools and junior highs in Miyagi on career education.

JICA: Support national activities and international Public-Private Partnership



Equipment List


Name of Machines



Number of Machine



Amada M2545




 Amada M4045


Corner shirring


Amada CSH-220


Band saw machine


Hitachi CB32FB


Palsma cutting machine


Daihen AR-SC35F


V cut machine


Amada V-4021


Bending machine


Amada HG-1704


Bending machine


Amada GR-80


Bending machine


Amada SPH-30


Triple roll machine


Nissei RAT10KW


Pipe reaming machine


Mac MSE-60-2


Argon welder




Electric welder




Spot welder





Organization Chart

 Our organization is divided into 5 departments functionally. All departments connected closely with one another. Our staffs with high skill level, plenty of know-how, and stoic mind could provide the most suitable design and cost estimate that fits your site mostly.

Sales Department

 The job of our sales department is not only taking orders from customers, but to adjust the schedule and process in order to deliver products smoothly. The sales department also follow up after the delivery. We carry out our daily job pleasantly to fulfill your expectation.

 Also, we respond to your request of quotation efficiently, please feel free to contact us.

Technology Department

 The job of technology team is to put the design into drawings in order to make products. Our orders are almost custom-made, so if there is no drawing, we are unable to produce our products. We have experienced person in charge with plenty of know-how, and they take this job seriously to accomplish every request.

 If you have confusions about how to get high quality and beautiful stainless products, please feel free to discuss with our


Production Department

 The production team uses a variety of machines and facilities to process the material and turn it into final products. Our seasoned staffs divides the work and create high quality products with the same forms portrayed on the drawings.

 We have to deal with requests for different site and different shape. The variation of our job is very abundant. That is why our staffs acquire flexible skills for correct processing.

Department of General Affairs

 Basic duty of this department is management, personnel/ general affairs, promotion/diplomacy, and the reception of visitors. We conduct our duty precisely and politely every day.

 To carry out this kind of tasks, we put great importance on “smiling communication.” We bear in our mind to correspond comfortably with smiles always.

Construction Department

 The main job of our construction team is to manage and supervise the installation site. Our staffs with high specialty organize on sites in order to carry out the installation smoothly.

 At the same time, safety management is also a key point. No injury and accident on site is an indicator of good quality of work as well. We manage site’ safety thoroughly and keep zero-accident until the construction finished.

Prize and Achievements

  • 2015, selected as Small- and Medium-sized Management Innovation Program held by Goldman Sachs
  • Executive committee and official sponsor of TEDx in Tohoku University
  • Corporation supporter of NPO Heartbest
  • Published on “Miyagi Educational Visit Guide Book” in the section of “local manufacturer field trip and educational course”
  • Reported in the first issue of “WISE”, a small- and medium-sized enterprises introduction magazine of Sendai Local Personnel Promotion Executive Committee
  • Prized “Merit Award of New Business” at Tohoku University, Economic Department Graduate School, Local Innovation School.